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  • How
    much prior notice does Aero Auto Transport need to transport my vehicle?

While most vehicles can be picked up within a few days of
placing your order, we recommend at least one week notice to move your
automobile. If you have an emergency situation, call our sales department at
(845) 825.1877 to inquire about our expedited services. Vehicles moving around
the holidays need more notice to properly manage the transport of your vehicle.

  • How
    much will it cost to ship my vehicle? 

The cost of auto transport is determined by the dimensions
of your vehicle, the distance traveled, the cost of fuel, and in some cases the
season in which you want to move the vehicle. There are additional fees for
expedited services, enclosed transports, and transports of inoperable vehicles.
There are also instances of back-hauls and economy transports for off-season
moves. Please call our sales office for more information regarding these

  • How
    long should an auto transport take? 

There are several factors that determine “transit
time”. The most time-consuming activity for a carrier is often the actual
loading and unloading of the vehicles being hauled. It is a careful
coordination of dealership hours, customer work schedules, and allowable hours
on the road. Once a carrier is fully loaded, transit time are influenced by
weather conditions, total distance traveled, and in rare instances, mechanical
delays and DOT mandated required time off. Pick-up and drop-off locations that
are close to major interstate highways or located near major cities will likely
move more quickly than those located in more rural areas of the country.

Below are some general guidelines for transit times:

East to West:

7 to 11 days

South to North:

4 to 8 days

Midwest to Coasts:

5 to 7 days

  • How
    does a “pick-up window” work? 

When carriers refer to a “pick-up window” they are
referring to the window of time in which they will schedule a pick-up. Most
transporters have a 48-hour window in which they’ll schedule the pick-up of
your vehicle, but it is often difficult for them to pinpoint a precise time
until several hours before their anticipated arrival. This is due to the
coordination of several vehicles being off-loaded from the truck, followed by
several vehicles being loaded onto the truck. Again, the carrier must consider,
among other things, traffic delays, dealership hours, customer work schedules,
and allowable hours on the road.

  • What
    is your refund policy? 

Our refund policy is simple. We do not charge our customers
until a carrier has been assigned. If we have yet to assign a carrier and you
wish to cancel your order, simply call us at (646) 722.9905. We strive to
provide excellent service; if we do not meet your requirements for a successful
move then we understand if you wish to pursue other alternatives for your car
shipping needs.

  • Do
    you have a tracking system? 

Your reference number will allow us to track your vehicle
through the various phases of the transport process. You will also be provided
with the drivers name and cell phone number. You can call or email us, or the
driver, and we will report back to you promptly.

  • Do
    you use terminals or tow yards? 

No, we believe door-to-door service is the best method for
transporting automobiles. With door-to-door transport, the carrier will get as
close to your doorstep as legally and safely possible. With
terminal-to-terminal transports, we feel most of the damage to vehicles occurs
while they are switched from transport truck to transport truck or left at a
terminal or tow yard. Also, with so many people handling the transport of your
vehicle, it is extraordinarily difficult to successfully file a damage claim against
the offending carrier. Those companies that offer terminal-to-terminal
transports will often hold your vehicle until a truck is ready to transport it.
We say, keep your vehicle until we are ready to haul it!

  • What
    forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
We typically only accept funds for our services. However, if you wish to pay
the entire transport fee via credit card, then an additional fee of 4% will be
assessed. Essentially, we are processing payment for a third party, and those
credit card processing fees can be expensive!

  • How
    do I prepare my vehicle for transport? 

If possible, Aero Auto Transport recommends washing your
vehicle prior to transport. A clean vehicle makes it easier for the driver to
accurately fill out the vehicle condition report. Also, to keep the vehicle
near the manufacturer’s specified weight, we suggest transporting it with no
more than ¼ tank of gas. Upon completion of your order, Aero Auto Transport will
email you a checklist of things to do before you ship your vehicle.

  • Does
    Aero Auto Transport offer any discounts? 

Sure. KAT has a number of incentives available to our customers.
Call our customer service department at N/A.. to find out more about our
discounts for military personnel, repeat customers, and customers shipping
multiple vehicles.

  • Can
    I put my personal belongings in the vehicle? 

Aero Auto Transport does not recommend shipping personal
belongings inside your vehicle. However, many carriers will haul items that are
“light and out of sight and up to 100 pounds.” They do this as a
courtesy, since hauling anything aside from your vehicle falls outside of their
transportation authority. Please note that auto transport companies are not
insured for household goods, and have the sole right to refuse to transport
these items. Under no circumstances can the car contain firearms, illegal
substances, or hazardous materials.

  • What
    should I do if the vehicle arrives with damage? 

Most auto transports are incident free. However,
if the vehicle arrives with damage it must be clearly marked on the vehicle
condition report, then signed for by the driver. Within 24 hours, a call should
be placed to Aero Auto Transport and to the carrier to inform them of the
damage. We will assist in any and all claims. We also offer the Aero Auto
Transport’s Gap Insurance as an added benefit to all our Preferred &
Enclosed Transports. Please call our sales department for further details.

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